Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Promise

Last year I found myself waking to the news of suffering. Every few minutes it seems that I received yet another message of bad news and I couldn't help but wonder, "Where is all that good news that the angel proclaimed so long ago?"

This same time last year, I was doing what I am doing today- working on a Christmas script that we have named "The Promise.

I can't tell you how many times I have typed or heard the lines:
"They forgot. Again, they forgot all that God had promised them."
Every time I type, read, write, or hear that line I remember how often I forget all that God has promised me.

All it takes is one new piece of bad news.

One more reminder of the suffering that others are facing.

One Facebook post, email, text message that the world is not as pretty or as safe as I wish it were.

I forget. Once again I forget all that God has promised us.
With the forgetfulness my heart plunges once again to a deep, dark place.

In this beautiful season of remembrance, suffering does not halt. Human nature does not glitter like the white lights on a Christmas tree. Evil does not take a break while we wrap heart-felt presents in pretty paper. Even as we set out ceramic babies to be worshipped by ceramic men, sorrow, set in motion so long ago swirls around waiting to devour us and those we love.

What can we do in the midst of such pain? Especially in a time of year that should be full of joy and hope? We pray. We turn our eyes on the very one who we celebrate. We turn our thoughts of despair to the one who came to end all despair.

We must remember and never forget that God is just. That God is Holy. That God is perfect. Even when men and situations take their horrible toll on mankind, God just is.

Today I pray that you and I will remember.
That we will not forget anything that God has promised us.


Unknown said...

As I think of ancient Biblical times, there was much suffering as with today. We as the Israelites, have replaced GOD's greatness with our own. We make/or attempt to make frail humanity more like JESUS and His Awesomeness. One day we will only end up disappointed for idolizing these people and often times it is "things" i.e. Social Media that we place before Almighty GOD! Then when disaster/tragedy occurs we have the nerve to ask "GOD" Why! LORD HELP US TO REMEMBER WHAT A BLESSING WE HAVE BECAUSE ONE DAY YOU CAME TO US AS ONE OF US! I am forever grateful to YOU!

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