Sunday, December 4, 2016

Guard your Heart

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.

A reminder for this week as I sit down and study my schedule and my to-do list.  As I continue to orientate new missionaries, evaluate and say good bye to others.  As I disciple, and plan, and teach.  As I laugh and cry and study.  All of these things important and essential and God honoring.

Proverbs 4:23 reminds me that if I lack character, filling my life with amazing, God honoring ministry will do more harm than good.

Pray that this week, I will not only be able to guard my heart but that I will be able to teach the youth that I disciple to do the same.

My co-worker Sheryl and I have chosen this verse as a key verse for the Alfa a Omega drama team and will be very seriously focusing on character throughout the coming year.  

We start tonight by memorizing this verse.  I challenge you to do the same.  Guard your heart. 

How you can pray for us this week:  
This afternoon Dustan will be traveling to Portete where the last discipleship portion of the course we developed is being taught and they will have a graduation celebration!  What a labor this process has been and I really long to part of the final day but, our local church is also celebrating their anniversary today and since I also have drama practice, Dustan will celebrate with the Portete church and I will stay in Loja to celebrate with our congregation here.  Pray for both celebrations that they would encourage these beautiful churches to continue working for our Lord!

Pray for Samantha and Ashley Postman, a mother daughter team who have arrived to give us some much needed help, especially with some admin tasks.  Pray that their orientation time will be fruitful.

Pray for M and E who will be returning to their home country in Latin America to finish their seminary studies and then prayerfully to return to Ecuador as full term missionaries.  I will really miss them both.

Pray for Impacto Mundial.  This is the mission mobilization group that I coordinate.  We have really hit both some major development growth and some crisis all at the same time.  Please pray for R.- the young man I mentor as he helps to coordinate this group.  I hope to hand him the reigns in June, but he is young and needs experience and our prayers.  

Pray for all the young people that I work with.  You will notice that I have stopped using their names. This is painful to me because I love to have you praying for them by name, but several have decided to follow Christ into some difficult un-reached places and I don't want my blog to be a danger to their future.  Oh, how I love seeing the fruits of our labor here!  Please continue to pray for them, especially as we begin to take a long hard, and close look at their character.  Pray that they would guard their heart.

Pray for V. who will be ending her internship in another week.  She leaves for Thailand in the next couple of months as a missionary and we are really excited to be able to send her.  Nothing is ever as clear cut as it seems though and I ask that you pray that God will continue to prepare her heart over these next couple of months.


CranesNest said...

Thank you for posting your prayer requests. I do read them and keep you in prayer. Please also pray for my family this week. Also pray especially for my parents and my aunt. My uncle passed away very suddenly and it has shaken them. May God bless you and guide you in all you do!

Jan Lewis said...

Lots on your plates. Beautiful outreach. Wednesday is day I focus prayer on Ecuador. Love to you and the whole family!