Saturday, November 5, 2016

TIST (Things I saw today)

Look at that gorgeous blue sky!  We really had some beautiful weather here in Loja this week and I took advantage of it by soaking up some much needed sun.

Most Lojanos are so accustomed to the extremes in weather- rainy and cold or intense high altitude sunshine, that they carry an umbrella with them no matter what the weather.

I used to do the same, but after losing over half a dozen umbrellas by leaving them in taxis, offices, or  stores, I have given up and have grown used to be wet or sun baked.  I prefer being baked :).

How you can pray this week:  The SIM Ecuador team will be taking another trip to the coastal area, hit hardest by the earthquake to continue building homes and ministries within that area.  There is no local church in the small fishing village where we have been working but the community has requested one.  Please pray for the team as they continue to build and strengthen relationships in the community in order to bring them the light of the gospel.  

This trip will have a crisis counseling team to help the community recover from the tragedy that they experienced and continue to experience.  Please pray that this team will be able to effectively communicate with a hurting people.

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