Thursday, November 17, 2016

(More than a) TIST (Things I saw today)

A couple of weeks ago we had to take Marcus for an ER visit.  Thank you all for your prayers during that time.  How wonderful it was to have you praying for us!

While there, I had to fill out an intake form and one of the questions made me laugh out loud.  

Patient's condition:
or dead less than 48 hours?

Fortunately for us, our patient was still living!

I wrote the above blog post a week ago with it scheduled to be posted later this week but I have decided to add something to this.  

This photo and emergency room intake form seems horribly real to me today and not quite as funny as it did last week when I first wrote it up.

You see, today a received a phone call from an Ecuadorian missionary co-worker who has been going through an ordeal I recently went through myself.  It isn't something I could share with anyone and the burden wore at me until I reached a severe crisis point.  By the time the whole thing was over- I was spiritually wiped out.  

The situation I faced and that my co-worker (and I in part) now face is delicate and can't be shared with the world to be prayed over.  It is one of those missionary experiences we have to hold inside and that eats away at us until one day we go the the emergency room of souls and the question, Alive?  Or dead less than 48 hours?  seems like a logical question to ask.

I have been there.  It wasn't too long ago and now a friend is there and I feel like I am there again. 

The best thing I can ask of  you is that, if you know a missionary, if you love a missionary- hit your knees for them in prayer.  They can't share everything that they are going through with you.  The nature of our job means we must keep confidences and that means we might be facing serious suffering and you won't even know it.

Here is how you can pray for us this week:

Please pray for this new crisis- unknown to you but so very well known to our Lord who loves us.  This is a very serious request and I ask that each of you consider praying for us about it each day this week.  

This Sunday I (Becka) will be teaching the discipleship course to a small church in Portete.  Portete is a rural area and is the church we had in mind when we wrote the course.  We are on week 4 now and as we work through it we have seen how God is moving.  We have also noted some changes that need to be made for the future.  Please pray that this congregation continues to be moved by God to make disciples and for our missions team as they put the last touches on a course we pray can be used for years to come and in many different rural churches.

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Linda Haislip said...

Will be praying and will put it on FBC prayer chain.