Saturday, October 29, 2016

This week in Photos

Every Saturday the youth from our church meet at our house for games and a devotional.

Sunday morning I teach the same youth in Sunday School.  This week we studied the beatitudes and looked at the difference between how Jesus taught us to live and how the world tells us to live.

Sunday night is Alfa a Omega night and this Sunday was a special one as we welcomed back Sheryl Greenwood, the group's founder.  

We did continue to practice the presentation for December but we also had time to play a couple of rounds of mafia.

We also dealt with a flooded office/laundry room again this week.

Tuesday nights are Impacto nights.  In this picture we are studying the importance of living in community.

Weston is part of a team that works on promotion for Impacto Mundial.  Here he is with M, goofing off instead of working hard.  Just kidding.  He is working hard WHILE goofing off.

This weeks activities so that you can pray along with us:

Monday:  Prep day as well as girl's basketball.  Becka teaches a VAMOS course. Weston goes to the park for evangelism.
Pray:  That the girl's basketball program will continue to grow and that the people would be receptive to the gospel.  Pray for Spiritual protection for our family.

Tuesday: Dustan teaches a future missionary the SIM finance system.  Weston has an orphanage ministry.  Becka travels to Zamora for ministry.  Impacto Mundial meetings are in the evening.
Pray: for safety as Becka travels to and from Zamora and that she will not suffer to badly from motion sickness.  Pray that the doors at the orphanage would remain open.  For V. as she continues to prepare for service as a missionary in Asia and for Dustan who is teaching her.  that as we prepare for the many classes and bible studies that we teach each week that God would be honored with our efforts and that we would see fruit.

Wednesday:   Becka does a discipleship course via Skype. Weston has orphanage ministry.  Becka and Dustan have meetings as well as continuing their regular daily work.  Marcus has a course called Equipping Servants International (ESI).
Pray: That discipleship would multiply, not only in Ecuador but in the USA as well.  For our SIM team as we continue to work towards our goal of taking the gospel to unreached communities.  For Marcus as he prepares for a future in ministry.  For the ESI program that the young men involved would stay committed and grow faithfully in the Lord.  For spiritual protection and wisdom for Weston.  For wisdom and endurance for Dustan as he continues his work as team bookkeeper.  For C. whom Dustan has been discipling and who needs our prayers desperately.

Thursday: Becka has discipleship with G.  Dustan continues his work with SIM finances.  We have a host of young people over for lunch and basketball in the afternoon.
Pray:That G. would be able to complete her studies this year and that she would continue body proclaiming the message of God's salvation.  For wisdom for Becka as she continues the work of discipleship. For K., that God would continue to pull her heart towards full-time ministry.

Friday:  Esther teaches kid's club in a rural sector of Loja and the boys have youth group.  This is Dustan and Becka's day off.
Pray: That Becka and Dustan would have a day of relaxation and rest.  For Esther's safety both physically and spiritually and that she would see the fruits of her labor.  For the youth group at Cordero de Dios- that God would continue to call them closely to him and that this group of dedicated youth would finish their race as strongly as they have started.

Saturday: Work in the morning preparing for the weekend activities.  Youth group, women's group, and men's group are all on Saturday afternoon and evening.
Pray:  For our church as they continue to try to follow God.  pray that they would have a deepening passion for God's Word and for the gospel.  Pray for unity and love among the members. pray for gospel growth.

Sunday:  Church and Alfa a Omega.  This week Becka will be directing the worship service and in Alfa a Omega we will continue to work on the panorama presentation for December.
Pray:  Pray for each of the young people who are involved in Alfa a Omega that they would grow in their faith.  Pray for Sheryl as she prays about her future involvement with the group- that God would guide her and give her wisdom so that she can confidently make decisions about this new term of missionary service.  

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