Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Failure (oh how God uses it)

I have been counseling a young woman through some tough life decisions because a failure may cause her life's course to shift in another direction.

As we were talking though options and what God might have for her (because He has something AWESOME for her), I remembered something.  It had been niggling at the back of my head for a few days but shot forward in all of its hilarious implications.

I also failed an important course.  I didn't know at the time that it was important, but honestly, the failure should have dramatically altered the course of my life.

I didn't just FAIL this course, I BOMBED it.  From the first day it was a disaster.  The second day was an utter failure, and a few weeks in was a catastrophe.

Day one:  Someone pulled a prank and put snap bombs in my ink pen.  When I went to make notes the ink pen blew up and the teacher was livid.  At me.

Day two:  Flunked my first quiz

Sometime towards the end of my course (my memory is fuzzy on this for very obvious reasons):

Short version:  The ceiling fell in on my head.

Long version (because it's hilarious):  So there I was, minding my own business (not likely) when a giant triangular portion of the metal ceiling comes crashing down.  Seriously.

Everyone is looking at me like a have a triangular section of the roof sticking out of my head, because- I do!  I am screaming, blood is spraying everywhere and this grim teacher is staring at me with THAT TEAHER LOOK that said, "You are the single worst student I have ever had in my life.  You are an attention grabber from Hades you little brat child."

I drew you a picture because there weren't camera phones back in the olden days.

So the blood is still squirting, I am still screaming, and there is STILL a metal triangle sticking out of my head when one of my co-students decided to remove it.  BLOOD.  EVERYWHERE.  Everyone screaming (except the oddly calm teacher who, I am convinced, was secretly hoping she was witnessing my death).  Finally, someone called someone, and I was transported to the hospital where the story was repeated much to every hospital worker's delight.  I received stitches and returned to class the next day.

End of course:  I receive an "F".

 FAILURE.  It said, in every ragged term, that I, Rebecka King was an utter failure.  I had tried to do something and I had failed.  I had invested into something, others had invested into it as well, but I let myself, and everyone down.    My parents were disappointed because... well... embarrassment (my dad was vice principal of the school).  I was disappointed, because, honestly, I had actually tried quite hard to do well.

And God... well, I don't actually know what He was thinking, but I imagine he smiled through all those antics because He knew so much more than I did. He could see my future and was thrilled when He saw it.

Although He knew how much that single failed course SHOULD HAVE altered my future, He also knew that failures also turn into triumphs.

So as I sit here and struggle to write this blog post because my brain almost always thinks in Spanish and I have to constantly switch it back into English, I remember that course I failed so many years ago.  The one that was a complete and utter disaster- a catastrophe on every level, and I smile because a failure in this world does not mean a failure on God's Kingdom.

Also, Mrs Rodriguez, give me that Spanish final again.  I bet I would pass it now :)

Have you faced failure that God turned around and used for His glory?  Let me know in the comment section and we can celebrate how our God can turn failures into wonderful stories for His glory.

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Gabriela Solano said...

Es una historia graciosa e increíble, que me llena de animo para seguir cada día dejando que Dios me ayude a enfrentar mis fracasos, gracias por compartirlo y recordarme que Dios siempre tiene un plan para mi vida aunque falle.