Thursday, June 2, 2016

Impact the Person, Impact the Church, Impact the World

May 31st- It's my birthday and as I prepare for a week of grueling work my heart is thrilled that my favorite day of the week also fell on my birthday.

Every Tuesday night I get to see the answer to six years of prayers.  I look around at a room filled with people, who like me, are dreamers.  And they are prayers, and they are doers.  The fourth floor of the SIM ministry center fills with singing...

Open your eyes and see
The harvest is ready
The time is here
the harvest is ripe

Be strong. Be brave.
Get up and get preaching
to every nation
That Jesus is the life.

Six years ago I began dreaming of seeing the church in Loja take part in the great commission.  I dreamed of them seeing their potential in reaching the nations for Christ and I dreamed of them sending missionaries into the uttermost parts of the earth.

Six years ago I started praying that a movement already happening in Guayaquil and in Quito would take root in Loja.  But Loja was tiny, the church a little slow and no one seemed to take a gigantic dream seriously.  Most of the time it seemed that God Himself didn't take my dream seriously.

Until one day Susy walked into Sendero and told me she had had a dream.  A literal one, while she was sleeping.  "In my dream I was preaching to muslim women" she told me.  "I think that maybe God wants me to be a missionary."

I told as many people as I could.  And the wheels moved so slowly I couldn't even see them moving.

Then another young woman told me about her calling to a country so closed I won't even type it here.  I told her she was crazy and she responded that she was quite sure it was God who was crazy but that she was willing to follow Him with her life.

I told as many people as a could.  And I could see the wheels start turning.

And yet another young woman told me of her dream of being a missionary and a young man asked me if I thought God wanted Lojano believers to participate in missions, and things started to spin...

And I won't lie to you.  After six years of praying, I might have been a little giddy, and I may have come across as more than a little like a crazy woman.

And the wheels starting turning so fast I could hardly keep up.  I wasn't the only person with a desperate dream and God was no longer holding us back.  In the course of a month we held a huge missions event with a visiting Ecuadorian missionary, we sent one missionary candidate to Guayaquil for an interview and a young man to receive training in mobilization.

One week later I sat in a room of 15 people who had committed to mobilizing the Loja church into a missions participating entity.

It was Tuesday night.  Our little group meets each week and we study topics that will prepare each of us for the mission field as well as prepare us to be mission senders.  We praise God for His deep love for every nation and we pray that God will raise up Lojano missionaries and send them to the ends of the earth.

We have a lot of work to do. A LOT.  But I can't wait each week to get to work.
Gaby teaching us about the Sikka people group and teaching us how to pray for them.

This is our group during a study on Spiritual warfare.  We will be studying this topic for the next four weeks.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for Washington, who is the young man who is coordinating Impacto Mundial Loja.  Pray that God will guide him in supernatural wisdom as he meets with pastors to tell them of Impacto's vision and begins the hard process of mobilizing the churches.  Pray that God gives him patience.

Pray for the three young people who have shown extreme commitment in becoming Loja's first sent missionaries.  Pray that God will help them to make good decisions that will prepare them for the mission field and that they would not be distracted from their calling.

Pray for the local church, that God would create in them a burning desire to prepare, send, and support missionaries.

Pray for the city wide missions service that we will host on July 10th.  Please pray that we can find a church that will allow us to use their facilities and that the service will be well planned and well attended.

Pleas pray for the missions conference in Guayaquil 7-9 of July.  Please pray that we will be able to send one of the Loja members so that they can receive some training in how to host a missions conference here in Loja.

Please pray for our group that we will stay committed and focused and that God will give us direction in how to we can help with the recent earthquake crisis here in Ecuador.

Praise points:

We now have a Missions Mobilization project in Loja!!!!
We have a committed godly coordinator.
The meetings are well and faithfully attended.
We have a plan of action for the current year.

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