Thursday, May 26, 2016

Developing a Discipleship Manual

If I were to ask you what your definition of a disciple was (in the Christian context), what would you say?

If, as missionaries our job is to fulfill the Great Commission, and part of the Great Commission is in the area of discipleship making, How do we go about that without a clear definition of what a disciple is?

Our SIM Ecuador Edification team began with the premise that we first must define what a disciple would look like within the context of the Lojano church.  We decided on a 2 part definition.
1. A disciple is someone who follows Christ.
2. A disciple is someone who makes disciples.

One of SIM Ecuador's goals to to build up the local church and one of the ways we are going about this is to teach the church to be and to make disciples.

Now, I imagine that in the US church there are a mountain of resources.  Perhaps one of the biggest challenges would be choosing which resource to use.  That isn't the case here.  Even though several discipleship resources have been translated into Spanish, they are often difficult to use because of the lack of contextualization.

So, over the last 4 months our small group has been working through one of our favorite discipleship manuals and then contextualizing it (and correcting Spanish).  One of the biggest challenges is that the place we will be teaching is an oral learning culture and the manual was definitely written from a literate point of view.  We take a hard look at each lesson and decide how to best teach the concepts.

We have a couple of months worth of work to do, but when we are done, we hope to have a resource that we can use to teach a small rural congregation to to be AND how to make disciples.

Prayer points:
Please pray for our Ecuadorian team mates David and Rocio Martinez and David and Sandry Ludena as well as long time missionary Chandra Smith as they have been tasked with the bulk of the contextualization work.  Pray for wisdom as they choose which passages and questions will best teach the discipleship concepts in the rural Loja context.

Please pray for me (Becka) as I teach the manual to the SIM Edification team as it is written so that we will have a clear understanding of the concepts we are wanting to teach.  Pray that my Spanish will be clear and that as we review these important concepts, that it will effect the way we work for God's Kingdom.

Pray that we can finish the manual in the next couple of months and pray for Becka as she formats and types up the work that the team has finished.

Pray for the community of Portete where we will first teach this course.  Pray that God will be preparing them to learn some very new concepts and that they will begin to diligently join us in our work of making disciples.

June 1st will be an 8 hour work meeting in our home to finish up lessons 4-5.  Please pray that God will give us energy and wisdom as well as unity during this important work day.

Praise points:
That we have a dedicated team of people, especially including Ecuadorians, who have been faithfully working with us on the project.

We have finished 3 out of 6 lessons.  Half way done!!!

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