Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What's up with those Kings?

Just a little hit and run post to let everyone know some of the upcoming plans so that you can be praying for us over the next few days...weeks...months.

Alfa to Omega has had an incredibly busy season and we have another presentation of the first third of the OT on the 9th of January.  We will be traveling 4 hours each way and making it a day trip.  So please pray for our preparations, for our safety and for our energy.  This is an evangelistic trip made alongside a local Loja City church to an unreached area.

The church youth group will begin to study the book of Romans for the next twelve weeks.  Pray for Dustan as he prepares those lessons and that the group will continue to be unified.  We are running between 5 and 10 youth each week and would love to see attendance stabilized.

Our church has an emphasis this year on discipleship.  Pray for us as we move into discipling more believers, especially within the youth group.  Rebecka also has a discipleship Bible study starting in the new year with one of el Sendero's former employees.

The SIM Ecuador internship program is getting stronger and it looks like we may be receiving several seminary trained couples from Latin America to do their on-field training with us.  This has been one of Becka's dreams since we first arrived in Loja, and to see it happening is very exciting.  Pray for Becka as she continues to nail down details and work administratively (which is not her cup of tea)

Pray for the SIM Ecuador team who will be making plans on how to move forward with youth and student ministries over the next year.  We have identified a local church who has an ongoing work at the university campus and we will be praying about how to join them in that work.

December 31 we will be hosting a New Year's Eve party at our home.  This is a way for us to try out the idea of hosting "El Sendero" events at our home, with the purpose of uniting Christian believers in fellowship and eventually in the work of evangelism.  We have several churches who have reserved for the party and we are excited to see what God will do with this idea throughout the next year.  please pray that God will guide us as we try to unify Christian youth to further His Kingdom.

Pray for Dustan as he continues to meet weekly with Christian and Fabricio for discipleship.

Dustan will continue on in his role as SIM Ecuador bookkeeper for the year of 2016.  It is a role he is gifted for and one which he enjoys.

These are just a few of the irons we have in the fire over the next month or so.  And we appreciate your partnership in prayer as we work alongside our church here in Loja and with the local believers to reach all of Loja for Christ.

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