Saturday, December 19, 2015

Counting blessings

I woke up this morning and walked downstairs and saw the after effects of working with youth.

Furniture scattered here and there, a forgotten cell phone, party supplies at the ready, a man-purse hidden under the sofa cushions...
and water in my shoes (?)

And since I have another youth event planned for tonight I started to tally everything that needed to be done.  Get the furniture back, make sure the bathrooms are cleaned (again), make some more jello...
get the water out of my shoes (?)

And as I mentally listed it all, I realized I was counting my blessings.
1. Cristian who comes for discipleship and teaching Dustan Spanish and stays to try to steal my Christmas presents and to help us move all the furniture.
2. Christian and Karen who frantically message me to make sure they have all the details right for the Alfa to Omega performance.  Because they are with us even when they are not.  Faithful in all things and looking in search of excellence.
3. Kaitlyn whose brother is here for a rare visit and who shows up anyway because that is who she is.   Dedicated.

4. Gaby, who is so responsible I never have to worry about saying "Gaby!" (in THAT tone of voice) but who spent half the night dancing and giggling with Weston. Gaby who has begun discipling a new believer on her own and who is so excited!
5.  Weston, who mumbled when asked to move the furniture, and frustrates easily, but whose ideas are creative, logical, and spot-on.  And who keeps everyone rolling on the floor when his overly serious mom takes things too seriously.

6. Eli.  Sweet Eli, a rock.  So quiet and steady but our secret source of strength.  She is also a secret source of the unknown.  Secret talents suddenly appear.  Unknown humor sometimes knocking us over.  It's possible she's the one who put water in my shoes.
7.  Mayu.  Spunky curly haired Mayu who can glare at Weston like nobodies business.  She means business but the spark in her eyes is all for fun.  When Mayu laughs it reminds me how much joy God has given me.  She reminds me that all serious sides should sometimes look for fun.

8.  Rachel and Maddie.  So much of this mess is all their doing.  They came over at 10 am for discipleship class, and stayed through lunch helping me make the beautiful mess that it takes for youth work.  Photo booth on this side, decorations over there, furniture needs to be on the other wall. No it doesn't.  Move it back.  Nope, lets just leave it where we moved it.  The projector doesn't work. We won't give up!  Energy, joy, hard-work, and creativity.  All bundled up in two short term missionaries who are helping me pull this bust season off.  Also, I am pretty sure the lost cell phone belongs to them.  They didn't leave until 9:30 at night.
9. Ricky-  I am almost positive the water in my shoes came from him!  I would bet my dog on it.  No one loves fun more than Ricky and if there is a dent in the landlord's car it's because he over enthusatically played basketball.  If there is a dent in my house, Ricky probably put it there with his boisterous play.  Nothing fun happens without Ricky.  Nothing happens with Ricky without fun.

And so I tally the to-do list, all the while thinking of the blessings God has given me.  I put the cell phone in a safe place.  I open the man-purse to find Rocky's script.  I wonder how I ended up cleaning a bathroom every single day of my life.  I check to see if the first layer of jello is firm enough to add another...

And I think about the blessings God will send my way tonight.  Carlos, Walter, Lorena, Rebeca, Sarita, Luca, David, Karen, and Maria.

My blessings are numerous.  And wonderful.  Even when they come with a messy house and mysteriously wet shoes.

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Rachel K said...

Yep, those people are officially amazingly awesome!