Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's a post and run!

1.  It's August in Loja which mean the Virgen of Cisne is coming.  This brings a slew of changes to the city of Loja as thousands of visitors come in. Please pray for our physical and spiritual safety during this month.
Here's a link to read more about the Virgin and her importance to the Province of Loja.

2.  We have moved!  After months of searching and praying we have found a beautiful home that is large enough for us to continue our ministries from home.  It also has a bit of a yard and is very close (walking distance) to church.  Bonus!

3. We will be traveling to the states and Thailand in just a couple of weeks.  Dustan must attend an SIM bookkeeper's conference in Thailand and I will be traveling with him.  On our way, we will drop the kids off with Grammy Pammy and Papa.

4.  When we arrive back in Loja we will be transition to work with our church in building a ministry to youth and students.  This will be an additional ministry to what we have already been doing with two main changes (besides not being at the coffee shop).  1.  Rebecka will not be a woman's leader at the church 2. We are backing out of all English ministries to make time to focus on youth and student ministries in Spanish.

5. Cotapaxi is erupting.  We are praying that this majestic volcano goes back to sleep and besides not interrupting the lives of those who live close by, that it will also not cause problems for our upcoming travels.

Here's a link to read more about Cotopaxi

6.  There has been some recent political unrest in Ecuador that is causing some protesting and rioting.  This is nothing to be worried about as far as our safety goes, but it is a huge prayer concern of ours and we would love to have you pray for Ecuador as it suffers through some political growing pains (a minimizing of the situation at best- but I am a missionary, not a politician :) )

7.  The Alfa to Omega drama group has become a much loved group of young people for me.  I love to listen as they share their heart for God with each other and with others.  They recently went on a mission trip to a neighboring town and village where they presented the drama as well as held a family fun fair and told their testimonies.

8.  My inbox is filling up with requests for short term missions teams to join us.  This is exciting but pray for me as I pray about how many of these teams I can reasonably handle each year.  I desperately want to be a good steward of the time God has given me.

9.  Speak of short term- I will be managing several short term missionaries towards the end of the year.  Several of them are from South America and this excites me to no end!

10.  And speaking again of short term missionaries- We recently saw our good friend Cesar who arrived home to Ecuador from his field.  Hearing his stories blessed our hearts so much and renewed our passion for seeing Ecuadorians believers reach their world for Christ.

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