Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alfa a Omega Mission Trip

The drama group Alfa a Omega has been busy preparing for their mission trip to the communities of Gonzonomá and Portete.  They have been revising scripts, planning crafts and games, and raising funds.  Their garage sale was successful enough to meet our needs and there is some talk of having some team t-shirts made!

Here are the plans so my faithful prayer partners can be in prayer for our trip:
August 14th- Travel to Gonzonamá
August 15th- Family Fair in the community of Portete as well as some fellowship time with the youth there.  We will be presenting 9 stories during the fair as well as manning craft and game stations.  The youth have planned the entire fair.
August 16th- Church in Gonzo and a repeat of the family fair in the Afternoon
August 17th- Service Projects which may include building an animal enclosure on a farm and painting a mural at the local high school.

Please pray that these youth will see the reward of following Christ into unknown communities.
Pray that this trip will spark in them a growing interest in missions.
Pray that the gospel will be clearly communicated to the people of Gonzonomá and Portete.
Pray for the last minute planning and for the details of travel to all be worked out.
Pray for safety.
Pray that God will be glorified in us and through us.

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