Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Say a prayer today for a missionary you know

Do you know a missionary?  No matter who they are, where they are, are what kind of work they do, here is how you can pray for them today:

"Saviour God who desires to see each nation, tribe, and language come to know you, I have a dear loved on on your battle field today.

I know a missionary who is serving you and I know that they need Your help.

I don’t know what their plans are today.  Maybe they are traveling, maybe they are meeting a new believer for coffee, maybe they are teaching at a conference, what I do know is that someone is going to try to destroy their work.  

Someone is going to set forth to knock them down, to discourage them, to ruin them, maybe even try to kill them.

God, your enemy is the enemy of the missionary I love and that missionary desperately needs your protection today.

Protect them from the evil one who wishes to devour them. 
Protect them from the one who would like to see their marriage in ruin and their children leave the faith.  
Remind this man or woman to hit their knees in prayer before they hit the streets in work.  Remind them to slow down and get dressed this morning.  
God, gird them in your armor which will protect them today from an unseen enemy in an unseen battle.

God, as the arrows of doubt and discouragement fly their way today, fill their heads with scripture that will stop the damage of the enemy from harming the one I love. 

Protect them today from every source of damage that their enemy would choose to harm them.  
Protect  them from bad food, from giant holes in the street, from bitter co-workers, from harmful and discouraging emails, from the loss of financial support.  
Protect them from bad drivers, from drunken con artists, from the woo of the handsome and beautiful con artists.  
Protect them from discontent and selfishness.  
Protect them from lies that become so easy to believe when fighting in a state of exhaustion. 

God, today I have a friend on a battle field.  I don’t know what their plans are, but I know the enemy has plans to defeat them.  Protect your servant today.  I know a missionary, and I know they need your help.  I also know that though their enemy is ferocious, that You are even more powerful than he is evil, and that You can and WILL win.  Thank you that the one I love does not fight alone."

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