Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I hate pulling out my phone and taking a picture of people.  I am actually a shy person who fakes being an extrovert.  As I took this picture for you, the crowd burst out laughing.  I am sure it was at my expense and it might be the last photo you ever get.

The shame, is that you can't even see what I was taking a photo of.

This is a small court used to play Ecua-Volley.  Teams/players must bring their own nets but sometimes an impromptu game breaks out between school kids, and a net is really a required part of the game.

What to do when no net is available?  Every one should simply take off any extra clothing, which then gets tied together, and Abracadrabra!  Net!  Their net was made of school jackets, shirts, and even one pair of pants.

Today when I passed by this same court, I noticed that they had all linked their belts together to make a net.


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