Friday, May 23, 2014

Don't drink

Several weeks ago we had to take an emergency trip to the local hospital with Marcus.  He had to be admitted for a couple of days but is completely recovered now.  While we were there the funniest thing happened...

He was stretched out on a cot in the emergency room when a very obviously drunk man was admitted. This man looked as if he had decided that a brick wall was an enemy and must therefore fight it to the death.  I am assuming the brick wall won, even if the obviously drunk man was obviously still alive.

Anyhow, they wheeled him on a stretcher to the room next to Marcus and we could listen to his unintelligible moaning.  About ten minutes later another very obviously drunk man walked into our room where Marcus was lying down.  He took one look at Marcus and his face turned a shade of green I hope to never see again.  It was pure panic!  

This man, in a state of panic, almost passing out, thought that his friend, the obviously drunk man who may have been in a fight with a brick wall, had turned into Marcus, a very tall white boy.

I wish I had a picture, but it happened very quickly.  I took a picture of myself pretending to the the very drunk friend in an effort to make this story seem more real:

I knew my acting skills would come in handy one day

The doctor chuckled and told the poor man that his friend was next door.  His knees buckled in relief.

This my friends is why it is unlikely that Marcus will ever get drunk.  First he saw the result of a a drunken fight with a brick wall and secondly he saw the sheer panic of a man who drunkenly thought his very short, very dark, drunken Ecuadorian friend had been turned into a tall, white gringo boy.


Christie said...

Hilarious! Nothing like a real-life lesson. ;)

Eddie said...

Do you have an email where I can contact you. My wife and I are missionaries with Operation Mobilization in Guayaquil. Planning to move to the sierras next year.