Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not in my job description.

I do a lot of things.  A lot of different things, and frankly, some of those thing are stuff I never imagined needing to do.

My job is as a missionary and if I had written an imaginary job description before leaving for the field it may have looked like:

Tell people about Jesus.
Visit people in the hospital to tell them about Jesus
Help university students to practice their English to open a door to tell them about Jesus
Teach Vacation Bible School
Write Curriculum for said VBS
Cross a river in a truck to tell people about Jesus
Teach about Jesus by lantern light

What I would not have thought would be on my list:

Explain English street language (curse words) to unsuspecting students.

J came into Sendero not too long ago.  "What does this mean?" he asked.  Then he blurted it out.  The biggest humdinger of an English word known to mankind.  JoLynn and I gasped at the boldness and the strength with which he used the phrase.  It was a surreal moment, as if we had been plopped down inside of a movie.
"I keep hearing it in the movies" J responded.
He repeated it.  Focusing on pronunciation just in he had not communicated correctly the first time.

"You know J, we could rate our cuss words.  On a scale to 1-10, we could rate them.  If we did that, this one would be a 100.  You really don't want to use it."

"But... what does it mean????", J really wanted to know and JoLynn and I really did not want to explain it.  But we did.  Because, even though it isn't in any official job description.  It's there unofficially.  "Explain the horror of a single four letter word to English students".  It's there, even if no one tells you about it.

This also happens to be an unwritten part of the job of mothering.  We hitched a ride home from school from a local pastor.  I sat in the cab and all the kids sat in the back (it's a common form of transport here).  I took a look back and saw two of the children flipping the bird to every car passing by.  The kids were laughing uproariously.  An MK and a PK/MK using their middle finger to salute passersby.

My little princess seemed to have thought it was a silly way to wave hello.

She knows better now and so does J.  What unwritten task in your job description has taken you by surprise lately?

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