Thursday, February 27, 2014

Have we been open two full weeks already?

We have!  Week two was super awesome and here are some reasons why!

  • Daniel came back.  Everyday.  I have taken to reserving the uno game for him.  He really likes Uno and I hope he invites me to play soon.  He and his friends must have changed the rules.  The Uno I remember is a little boring but they are everything BUT bored!
  • We gave out cupcakes at random.  They didn't have rotten frosting but they were a bit on the heavy side...  I made them.  I didn't add enough liquid AND I overcooked them.
  • My mom made peppermint patties and they sold out.  YUMMY, those things are delicious!
  • We have an ice-cream freezer now!  I get to play popsicle man as I hand out various frozen treats. Ice cream sandwiches are uber popular.
  • Cristina left, but before she did she met with pastors, youth leaders, and youth from around the city.  During a Sunday School teacher's training meeting, she sat down with a young girl who had come with her mother and the two of them opened and read the Bible together.  No fluffy lesson for this little girl, she, like so many Lojanos, longed for God's Word.
  • The youth group from my church met at Sendero and we began a study through the book of Proverbs.  Jonathan also decided to prove he was a boss at Ping Pong and proceeded to win a match against every person in the building.  He even won when he played himself against teams.
  • We hosted two VERY large birthday party.  There was a cake fiasco which I will spare you the details of but it involved a lot of panic.  Our new Spotlight Club room makes a perfect place for a birthday party.
  • Karaoke continues to be popular and someone even offered to pay us to allow him to skip ahead of the line.
  • Our Ping Pong table is so popular that we had a two hour wait at one point.  We need a second table. 
  • We saw God answer our prayers over and over again.  It was amazing and exciting!  For example, we have noticed that the new location is hugely popular with groups of boys so on the night that Sandra and I worked together we sat down and prayed that God would send in some groups of girls/women.  Five different groups of girls came in that night!  
  • Spotlight started up again and we talked about a museum of broken relationships and then had a lovely discussion about Christ redeems broken relationships.  My small group had a three men in various stages of their walk with Christ and our discussion was lively and fun.  
  • I MADE THE BEST CAPUCHINOS I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE!!!!  I have to tell you, I could not wait to deliver those gorgeous drinks to the woman and her friends who had ordered them.  They pointed to their three children and I reluctantly placed those three perfect drinks in front of three very young children who then proceeded to slurp them down with complete abandon.   One of those kids actually licked the cup clean.  
  • We had another discipleship training class in which I often had to step in and translate because our Spanish teacher, Maria, kept forgetting she had to translate.  I think she kept doing that on purpose.

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