Thursday, February 13, 2014

Friday Feb 7, 2014

7:00 am .  I am awake and out of bed.  I didn’t sleep well.  The excitement just wouldn’t let me.  I kind of feel like it’s my wedding day.  Three years of praying.  Two months of hard work and it’s finally here.  Today Sendero will open it’s doors in a new location with a renewed vision.

8:00  I meet David and Sandra at the Loja market.  We chat with Dora a little bit before wading through stalls of hanging pigs faces.  I ask Sandra what they are for and she admits she has no idea.

8:30  We have breakfast at the market.  I really can’t believe I haven’t had this experience before.  I syrupy cup of coffee, a plate of rice and liver, and we are ready to get the shopping done.  There is a skip in our step.

9:30  We have our basket of market goods and we are ready to start preparing everything everything we need.  Guacamole.  Ahi (hot sauce).  Meat.  Maria arrives to help us with the meat and informs us we forgot several ingredients.  We improvise and after several taste tests we declare everything to be a little spicier than normal but still delicious!

11:30 We leave David and Sandra’s house.  I have a rolling market basket full of food and David has one handle of a hot pot of meat and Sandra has the other.  We walk to Sendero laughing at what the passersby must be thinking...

1:00 We break for a lunch of chicken, rice, potatoes, and chicken foot soup.  THis is a pricey eat out meal and we enjoy every single bite.

2:00  We put the finishing touches on Sendero, praying as we go.  The stage is ready, the kitchen is ready, the deserts begin arriving.  I finish the menu and put out the chalk board sign.

3:00  The guests begin to arrive and the excitement is high!  At this point I have pictures to show of the rest of the evening!!!!


alexanders said...

Beautiful colors, everyone looks so happy! Don't know about rice and liver or chicken foot soup! Praying all goes well in your new venture.

Anonymous said...

Tanya says…
Hooray! I wish we could see it in person, but it looks wonderful. Please post more pictures!