Friday, February 21, 2014

Church on The Street

I posted a while back about a church start that Dustan and I are attending.  Our good friend and fellow missionary, David Ludeña and his wife Sandry are leading us as we try to reach the Lojanos who would not otherwise step into (or even be permitted to step into) and traditional church.

Here are some pictures from Sunday's service
I am pretty sure no one would argue that this is perhaps the most beautiful sanctuary on earth.  We don't meet in the same place every week, but this park, in spite of the climb, is one of our favorites.

Auntie Alison and Paula

I told Marcus I was posting this on the internet and I have to be a mom of my word.  I don't know what story he was telling but he was quite animated about it.

Zoar pretending to not like cameras.

This is our church's favorite fellowship activity.  Basketball is not incredibly popular in Loja but so far all of us like playing basketball.  Except for me.  Maybe I don't belong.  Frankly, the climb uphill just getting to church was enough exercise for me.

We also love fellowshipping by eating and drinking.  This is not the first time no one brought cups...

Zoar and Gabriella.  Cousins.  We are working on reaching an entire family!

Carnival is coming up and an impromptu water fight broke out.  The only thing available to hold water (we forgot to bring cups) was an empty bread bag.  Breads crumbs in the hair is probably not a typical way you leave your worship service.

David giving a message.  He just began a series on... actually I am not sure how to translate exactly what the series will be but this week he talked about Bethel and how Jacob declared it for God but later how it had become a place to worship idols.  He warned us against turning God's house into a place of idolatry.

We are still actively raising Missionary support for the Ludeña family but we have another way someone might like to help.  We would love to have a website set up so that international churches and partners would have a way of connecting with them.  Do you have skills to set one up for us?  Bonus if you have Spanish skills, but not required at all.  I can translate all of the content that David has already written.

If you would like to join the Ludeña's support team, we are still using the El Sendero project fund but in a couple of months they should have their own SIM missions account set up and ready.  Until then, follow this link to set up monthly support:

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