Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bad food, rotten food, and then there is that slimy capuchino...

Our first week at Sendero went great.  Here are some things that happened.

  • Becka made the ugliest capuchino in the history of Sendero.  Actually, it is possible that it was the ugliest in the history of the world.  I have heard rumors that someone took a picture for evidence of how ugly it was.  I am trying to track that picture down, not because I want to destroy it but because if you can't be proud of being the best, why not be proud of being the worst?  (This only applies in capuchino making.  Please don't try to apply my logic to moral areas of your life.  For example, I really don't want to hear about anyone saying, "If you can't be proud of being the best driver, be proud of being the worst.  When in fact that would be an impossible standard for you since the top 100 worst drivers all live in Loja)
  • Becka also served cupcakes with rotten frosting.  She's on a roll.
  • We started asking all of our youth what their names are, writing them down, and then praying for them by name.  Our new set-up makes interaction so much easier and at least for now we have less kids coming in all at the same time.  This is actually a blessing because it is difficult to interact with 100 kids and far easier with 20...
  • Our landlord's children have been spending a couple of hours a day in the coffee shop.  Their names are Monica and Antonio.  
  • Pedro, Carlos, and Eduardo all stopped by.  They are old friends who we don't see as much anymore but the lure of curiosity brought them all around again.
  • We had a Sunday School teacher's training meeting held at the new local.
  • We also started a discipleship training course held once a week.
  • We held a Spotlight that had zero students.  Lojanos do NOT like change.  It will take a month or two for them to come straggling back.
  • We held three Bible studies
  • We had Karaoke.  This is both a bad and good thing.  Becka did not sing.  THAT is a very good thing.  If there is anything she is worse at than capuchino making, it's singing.
  • Jim finally stopped painting.
  • We served pizza.  Thought about making Fridays pizza night but first we have to figure out how to make a good pizza...
  • We celebrated Valentine's day with a minimal amount of PDA which, is, quite a miracle...
  • We received a missionary intern candidate and interviewed her.  Her name is Christina and she feels very called to Loja.  Her home city is in Quito and Quiteños are both more bold and more direct than Lojanos.  Within two minutes she had informed me that my Spanish was bad and that she hates English.  I love her.
  • We ran out of cola.  Sigh.
  • We celebrated Fredi's graduation with Mega nachos and ping pong
  • Dave put a doorknob on the back bathroom and we learned that girls do not like to share a bathroom with the boys.  Too bad.  The boys can always use the street I guess.  I wonder if we can get by with just a girls bathroom?
  • A group of five kids came in and chatted us up for about an hour.  Please pray they come to Spotlight club.  I love these marathon chat sessions because you can really learn a lot about people if you have enough of a chunk of time.   For example, who knew there were Pink Floyd fans in Loja?  Besides Dustan of course...
Also, Rebecka is very sorry for writing this post in both third and first person.  I have issues.

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