Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We looked and we looked but God found it.

I am not sure I have ever been so sure of the rightness of a decision like I have with our decision to move the location of Sendero. However, I must admit, it was the hardest decision of our ministry thus far and therefore doubts are continuously creeping in.

It seems as if every two seconds, God has confirmed our decision.  The finding of our location is one example.  You don't simply look in the newspaper in Loja to find a rental.  You walk.  And walk.  Oh, and you walk some more.  Signs are posted for places for rent and if you are lucky, someone will be on site to show you the place. Otherwise you call and make an appointment and hope the appointment time is honored and that the owner will appear at the designated time.

  (None of these are our new building)


I kid you not, one day we spent 8 hours walking the streets of Loja.  Every single place was perfect.  Except for one thing.  One place was perfect but too small.  Another was perfect but too expensive.  Another was perfect but too far away.  We started to pray for that perfect place that had no exception.

We were at a Christmas party when I received a call from Sandra.  "I just saw the PERFECT place!" she yelled into the phone.  "It's perfect. It's our place. I have no doubt about it at all!  It has three rooms, three half levels and there is apartment for rent in the back.  It's right across from the Coliseo de Loja!"

I have great faith in Sandra's judgement and if she said the place was perfect, then I had no doubt the place was, in fact, perfect.

I got off the phone and told Dustan, 'We have a new location for Sendero!"

He didn't respond like I thought he would.

"But we have an appointment to view a place tomorrow.  Lindsey told me about it and it sounds perfect.  His pastor has a friend who has a place that is for rent.  It doesn't even have a sign yet.  I made an appointment to see it tomorrow."

"But Dustan, Sandra sound she found the perfect place..."  I described the place while our team leader Lindsey listened in.

Lindsey had his own comment to add.  "Well guys, I think this is the same place my pastor told me about."

It was.  Dustan had made an appointment to view the place that Sandra had just called to tell me was perfect!

It was perfect.  Our new location is right on the bus line, in an area frequented by youth, and where the university students live.  It has an amazing amount of space and was exactly the price we had been searching for.

All that walking was not wasted though.  I lost ten pounds.

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