Saturday, January 4, 2014

New place, New look

I wish I were an interior designer.

It would be helpful in times like right now.

Our new building is a white slate just ready to be decorated.

And I am color blind.  (not completely, but I am well know for not being able to differentiate between different shades of the same color).

Anyhow, I decided the best thing to was to ask the kids what they like so I have been posting daily polls on our facebook page.  What?  You aren't privy to our facebook page?  Well let's change that shall we?  Here's the link:

El Sendero Facebook

Anyhow, here are some of the ideas that are popular with the kids

You can join in the fun- just post links in the comment section and I will add them to our ideas album on Facebook.

And, we are still need two type of financial help.

You already know that we are in desperate need for monthly supporters for David and Sandra, but if you would like to help with a one time gift instead, we will use that to help with moving expenses.  We need new lights, a mini-fridge, a bar counter, paint, and new tables.

Here's how to give:  (our page has NOT been updated.  The finical statements are not updated to show the monthly support needed for David or Sandra)

Follow this link ( ) which will take you to a page that has a Sendero Donate Now button.  Sign up for monthly giving and let us know right away so we can keep track of our progress! 
Or, you can send checks to the following SIM offices:

SIM USA PO Box 7900 Charlotte, NC 28241
SIM UK Free post CN1923 Stowmarket IP14 5ZW
SIM Australia PO Box 42 Penshurst, NSW
Please indicate that is is for project 91065

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