Thursday, January 16, 2014

How God is working in Sendero (Part 2)

So, what is the second way that God is working in El Sendero?


Right now, there are *five active Bible studies meeting in El Sendero. These are small Bible studies with as little as one student and as many as five students.

This Christian **cafe provides a nuetral place for missionaries and nationals to meet and teach the Bible.

It provides a place for anyone interested in learning the Bible to meet and to study.

Some of the students are believers.

Some of them are not.

But, five times a week, they meet with Christians who either disciple them in their faith or who share the gospel of Jesus with them.

Every week. Discipleship and evangelism.

Five groups.

Does it make a difference?

S is a believer.

"What makes a person a Christian?" I asked her
"Believing in Jesus. Putting all your faith in Him." she replied.
"But, you go to mass" I said. "Doesn't that make you a Christian?"
And she answered: "No. Going to church does not make me a Christian. What makes me a Christian is that I believe Jesus died for my sins and that He and only He can save me."
"But what about your baptism?" I asked.
"I am saved because of my faith in Jesus Christ." she said.

And God moves. He changes lives. He saves life.

Not because of me, but using me.

Not because of a cafe, but using a cafe.

Yes. God is working in El Sendero.

And He's not done.

Please pray for our Bible study students as God grows them in their walk with Him.

* We currently have 9 Bible El Sendero Bible studies
** We have also changed from being cafe focused to being youth center focused (although we do still have a cafe in the new location)  Our new name is El Sendero: Tu Lugar Juvenil (your youth place)

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OliveTree said...

This is great news, Becka. So encouraging to hear how God is working.