Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How can you pray for Sendero specifically today?

Today we will hold our first management meeting in our new location.  God answered our prayers so quickly that our heads are still spinning from the changes and we have had little time to thing through some very necessary things.


All things on our agenda for today's long planning meeting.

Oh, and we have heard a rumor we need to hunt down to find out if it is correct.  Our name change to El Sendero centro juvenil may be a problem.

Because, we have been told that centro juvenil (youth center) is reserved for juvenile delinquent centers.  Which I suspect Sendero will look like sometimes, but it isn't quite what we are going for...

Anyhow, will you pray for us today?  Pray for wisdom and the courage to follow God's guidance.

Pray for unity.  Funny story.  Yesterday we went shopping for a sink.  David, Sandra, Dustan, and I hardly ever disagree on anything.  We usually work on the same page and it makes for an extremely easy working team.  Yesterday we disagreed vehemently over which sink to buy.  Should we buy one with a drain board or without?  That was the question.

Dustan and David wanted one kind, and Sandra and I wanted the other (both were the same price).

By the time we were done with are friendly argument, Dustan and David had switched their vote to the sink Sandra and I wanted.

The problem was that David had been so persuasive as well, that Sandra and I became convinced that the OTHER sink was better.

We fell to laughing and decided to put the decision off for today.

Please pray us today as we make little and big decisions.

And... I just received a text message that Sandra has gone to the hospital for an emergency x-ray of her knee.  It has been bothering her for quite some time but it must have gotten quite bad this morning.  Please pray for her.

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