How can you pray for El Sendero today?


This is a photo of Joana, Sandry, Miriam, and David.  If you look closely you will see that besides a bright smile, there are also tears.  Joana and Miriam have been with Sendero for three years.  Dustan and I hired them and a month ago we had to let them know that El Sendero could no longer offer them employment.

Every year at Sendero we celebrate Christmas together; eating, playing games, laughing... and this year shedding a few tears.

So how can you pray for Sendero today?

Will you pray for Joana, her husband Carlos, and her daughter Analli?  Joana is a believer and would love a job that would allow her to serve the Lord.  She is considering getting a type of work license that will allow her to work for missionaries cleaning house and caring for children.

Please pray for Miriam and her husband Tito and her two sons?  Miriam is not a believer.  She sometimes struggles to see how God is working in the world.  Please pray that she will find a terrific job, but also that she will know Christ personally.

Will you take a moment to pray for them right now?  If you would like to post a word of encouragement in the comments, I will be sure to pass them on.


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Fuerza, amigos! Aca enel Paraguay estamos orando que Dios les mandan los trabajos perfectos, y que El los muestra su plan en este tiempo. Que no se desmayan.... Confiamos que El tiene cosas buenas para ustedes!

Ups... Estoy en el autocoregir... *aca en el.... *Dios los manda. ;)

Mis lokitas!! Como las quiero y las extrano...debe estar un tiempo dificil para ustedes, puede que sea dificil a ver la mano de Dios pero sabemos que el tiene planes perfectos por nuestras vidas. Asi que confien en el y en su amor y poder infinito. Las quiero taanto pero tanto, abrazos desde inglaterra!