Thursday, January 2, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions (about the new El Sendero)

Why are you moving?  How can you leave the lovely balcony you have?  

We are moving for two reasons.  The cost of our rent was more than we could continue to pay.  We were looking at having to raise our prices again and because of that our clientele had begun to change drastically.  We want to cater to youth and must therefore have prices that youth can afford to pay.
The second reason is that many of our youth have asked that we be open on Saturday nights so they could have a place to play games and hang out.  We have even had some need to open on Sunday nights for a Bible study but our current location would not allow for that.  We prayed for three years for the ability to open on Saturday nights and this move will finally allow for that.

That balcony was beautiful, but it is not as beautiful as the souls of Loja’s youth!  We are sorry to leave it behind but excited to gain a patio where the kids can shoot hoops!

What about the coffee shop?  

The coffee shop is actually moving with us it will just play a smaller role than it has in the past.  It will take up far less room, time, or energy, but will serve the same purpose; to provide rent for the building and to provide cheap eats and drinks to students.

Why are you so desperate to raise money for the Ludeña family?  During the past three years, David and Sandry have been paid their salary through the El Sendero cafe.  This is no longer a possibility because of both finances and the restructuring of the El Sendero ministry.  As of Feb 7, the employment contract will be liquidated and they will no longer be paid employees.
Sandra and David are essential members of the El Sendero ministry team.  They both have seminary training, experience, and are natural experts on culture and language.  Besides that, they have a burning passion for making disciples; El Sendero’s core purpose.  If support is not raised for them to join us as national missionaries, then they will need to find another way for them to earn a salary to provide for their family, thus leaving Dustan and I to run the ministry by ourselves and leaving us without a vital resource.  

What will your menu be?  

Hot drinks, cold drinks, deserts, and the nachos that Sendero is famous for.

What!  You won’t be serving papas rusticas??????  The decision heard around the world is that no; as far as being a regular menu item, those delicious potatoes will be no more.  They were our most time consuming item and though they are well loved, they require an employee to make them and we can no longer afford to maintain employees.  However, hold your horses, because our beloved potatoes will be making special appearances throughout the year.

Why are you changing the place I love so much?  The simple answer is that change happens.  The world changes, youth culture changes, needs of society change and ministries must adapt to stay relevant.  One thing will not be changing- El Sendero will continue to share the gospel... one cup of coffee at a time!

What will my new role at Sendero be?

As a giver:  We need people who will financially support this ministry.  We need monthly support for Sendero, but we also need some one time gifts to help us with our moving expenses.  Our new place is larger and we could use some new tables.  We need to add a sink and cut a hole through a wall to create a door.  We also need paint and supplies, light fixtures, and new games.  Please consider being one of our financial supporters.

As a prayer partner: Working with youth is an ever changing, ever “on the edge of your seat” adventure.  Running a ministry that sees 100+ youth each day has it’s own challenges.  We need people who are committed to pray for us.

As a goer:  We need volunteers from Loja and we need missionaries from abroad.  We need musicians, artists, English speakers, activity coordinators, extroverts, introverts, men, women, gap year students, business experts, ministry experts, youth experts, university student experts, Bible study teachers...  It is probable that we need YOU!

Follow this link ( ) which will take you to a page that has a Sendero Donate Now button.  Sign up for monthly giving and let us know right away so we can keep track of our progress! 
Or, you can send checks to the following SIM offices:

SIM USA PO Box 7900 Charlotte, NC 28241
SIM UK Free post CN1923 Stowmarket IP14 5ZW
SIM Australia PO Box 42 Penshurst, NSW
Please indicate that is is for project 91065

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