Saturday, July 6, 2013

A few differences

I thought you might all enjoy seeing a few things that are different at our home than the ones you might live in in the States.

These are some laundry racks hanging in our laundry room.  Originally intended to dry underwear and socks, we have to get creative sometimes and use the square one for small shirts.
That colorful window leads to the neighbor's hallway and the clear window is to my bedroom.

Our laundry soap comes in bags.  I just pour it into the plastic tub and scoop out with a measuring cup.  We use the baby soap around here because the detergent is so harsh on the clothes.  Between the detergent, the washing machine, and the equatorial sun, our clothes wear out very quickly.

I have to admit something:  I love my kitchen faucet.
I do not however love washing dishes with only one sink basin.  We are hoping the landlords will allow us to replace the sink with a double basin.  Dustan thinks we will get a new faucet while we are at it, but I will miss feeling like I am washing dishes from the garden faucet.
Another difference:  No hot water for this sink!  We boil the wash water and rinse in cold.

Loja has a special trash system.  All food and plant based garbage must be separated.  It's a lot like a compost bin, only we don't have a garden to compost to.  
I don't have a clue what the city does with our "green" garbage.

It's raining today which means the laundry has to get hung indoors.  Three of us can eat at the table, the other two can eat on the couch.

This has to be the craziest shower ever, but as the plumbing is all Dustan's (And Dad King's) we are somewhat proud.

Check out those faucets!  The red one is for hot water, the one in the wall is for cold.  That grey hose is where the laundry washwater goes.  

Marcus says as long as I am posting pictures of the big differences that I might as well point out that the sewer system in Loja can't handle the toilet paper.  All toilet paper must get tossed instead of flushed.
Which makes this the single grossest picture in the history of this blog.

This is the gas can that runs the stove.  It fits under the small table we have in the kitchen.  These little tanks become part of our obsession every time we have a gas shortage.  In fact, even though we have an extra, Dustan is already working on and extra extra.  One extra for the stove and one extra for the shower.
Not a bad idea.  No one liked bathing from the crockpot.

So, that's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the differences we have here.

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