Friday, June 28, 2013

Culture Shock 101

We Five Kings have arrived back in Ecuador and perhaps you would think we could avoid culture shock.  Well, if I were to be honest, and I generally am, then I would have to say it seems even harder this time around.
What is the cure for culture shock?  Laughing at yourself.  We have done a lot of that over the last couple of days.

We have also spent some time re-learning a few things we forgot.

1.  Don't flush the toilet paper.  Yes, I have already fished out my first forgetful mistake.
2.  Tile floors are slippery when wet.  I have a broken toenail and banged up knee to prove it.
3.  Ecuadorians love people who love their food.  We had tuna soup for breakfast, we all ate it, enjoyed it, and have been declared to be "worthy missionaries and lovely Ecuadorianos."
4. There are steps where there should not be steps.  Those unseen steps will kill you and don't expect any warning signs.  I may need a chiropractor soon.
5.  In Ecuador you wear long sweaters in 80 degree weather, "because it's cold".
6.  Ecuadorians love beautiful things.  They decorate everything.  Even underpasses of the highways.  It's beautiful and I love it!
7.  Time?  What's that?
8.  Spanish is a tricky language but people appreciate your efforts to learn their language and are full of grace for your pathetic failures.
9.  Netflix is different in South America.  I can't watch the new episodes of Drop Dead Diva.
10. Coke tastes better here.  A whole lot better.

Love and miss you guys in the states, and for those of you in Loja:

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