Saturday, June 23, 2012


There is not a whole lot going on in our lives, though, I feel I must share some good Loja related news. Co-worker and art teacher Jenny reported on facebook that 12 children gave their lives to Christ.
Co-worker and mentor Sheryl reports that they are expecting well over 100 people at a special family day in Cangaracha )I am SURE I spelled that wrong).

and.... drum rolllll...
El Sendero project was chosen to be in the annual Christmas catalog for SIM which will prayerfully raise us some much needed funds which will allow us to buy some much needed restaurant grade appliances.

Keep praying for Loja.  Pray for Edgar, for Estellamarise, for Sandry and David and the rest of Sendero staff.

So, that is that, but what has the King family been up to you ask?

Well, we have:

We ate at a Red Robin.  Becka was so scared she would gain a hundred pounds just by entering the doors that she turned down that bottomless basket of fries.  Dustan however ate so many he had to pull out his "fat jeans".  Not kidding.

Fulfilled the mission of SIM by Sitting In Meetings.  All of which were entirely encouraging to us.  SIM home office staff can not be beat in kindness and hard work.  We love them all, but a special shout-out to Sandy Rendel who continually encouraged us while we were on the field and to Donna Griffeth who fixed every single one of our financial crisis with a big smile and a hearty southern accent.

We froze.  Air conditioning is not as nice as one would think.

We took baths!  Yay!  Plenty of water, and hot when desired!

We ate Reeces and drank Dr. Pepper.

We took a 5 hour road trip.  In a car.  Not a taxi.  Not a bus.

We ended at the beach where our children saw the ocean for the first time.

 We woke up at 5:30 am to see the sunrise.