Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stuff we did on furlough (SWDOF)

Well, since most of the stuff I see from now on will be stuff you all see on a regular basis I will have to change my TIST (Stuff I saw) series into stuff we did on furlough (SWDOF). Try to say THAT!

1. We ate tuna sandwiches on the sidewalk outside a strip mall.   It wasn't planned that way, but who knew that the ATT store would take 2 hours???  When phone stuff ran into picnic time, we decided to picnic outside the store while daddy finished his purchases.   For missionaries needing phone plans in the near future, we went with the ATT go phone plan.  It does not require a contract.  We will see how it works for us the next month.  We were able to use a phone Amanda gave us and also use our phone we brought back from Ecuador.

2.  We saw a lake and thought it was the ocean.  It doesn't matter how many times I tell the kids that the ocean is HUGE, they continue to think small scale.  We could see all the way around this lake.

3.  We fed a water buffalo.  And giraffes.  And pot belly pigs.  Anyone in the Charlotte area should make a stop at the Lazy 5 Ranch.  The kids give it two thumbs up and maybe even a big toe or two.

4. We played the radio game.   This is a game that has two rules.  You must listen to one song on every radio station unless the station is playing a commercial, or unless the song has a bad word in it.  After the song is over you are required to change the station.  We only heard two songs we knew.  Dad, you will be disappointed to know that my kids hate classical music.

5.  We went to a Walmart.  No tears, but I did nearly have a meltdown when we could not find sunscreen.  When I say meltdown, what I mean is that I nearly sat in the floor and began to weep.  However, I prayed, and God kept me upright.  I hope to never enter the doors of a Walmart again.  Every single one of my kids stated how much they missed Supermaxi (our local grocery in Loja) (and yes, our store's name is Supermaxi) (yes, I get how funny that is)


Gwen said...

Walmart is evil. I cannot go there. If you must go there, try during the middle of the day on a week day. I'd suggest Target, or even a normal grocery store. Or whine to friends. We'll be happy to fetch stuff for you when we go in. Did you find the sunscreen?

Steph DeMay said...


I always have to say it with a few exclamation points

Becka said...

We did find the sunscreen. Walmart was our best option today as the Target was much further away and we were a little scared to get lost. Since this was our first day behind the wheel of a car (actually just Dustan) we decided to stick to the easiest route.

Phyllis said...

Wait a minute. You're near Charlotte? So are we! Until tomorrow, that is.