Sunday, May 20, 2012

Te amo mas que mi vida

As we sang our worship to God today, I noticed something unusual.

One voice sang out above the rest.  Louder, stronger.  More beautiful.

And very child-like.

I didn't want to look around to see who it was, but I admit to curiosity.

During one song, the voice reached a crescendo.  It rose above all of ours with an intensity I recognized in my own heart but never have never had to courage to express.

Curiosity won and I looked over to see a young boy, sitting on the back of the pew, his head thrown back, his eyes closed, leaning heavily on his mother.


4 and a half years old.

I first met him when he was turning three.  He was holding a shoe box in his hand.  A shoebox prepared by loving hands of a Christian in another country and then joyfully opened by a three year old in Ecuador.  It was full of soap, that shoebox.  And a matchbox car.  I pulled the car out for him and he quickly asked me to put it back.  It was a treasure, to be looked at later.  The soap he gave to his mother.  He stared at the toothbrush, and then pulled out a small deck of cards and began to play with them.

Those are my first memories of this little boy.

My second memory was in a hospital.  His parents' eyes vacant and scared.   My own eyes must have reflected the same.  I had never seen a child hooked up to so many tubes.  His round chubby face was swollen so much that I could hardly recognize him.  I held his baby sister in the waiting room so that his parents could talk with the dr in peace.

First it was one thing.
Then it was another thing.
It just needed an operation we were told. $1000.00 and he would be "fixed" able to return home.  Everything would be fine.
They were wrong.  The oversized organ wasn't the problem, it was just a symptom of one of the scariest words a parent can hear.

It was Leukemia.

That was my second memory of this little boy.

Now I have a new memory, this little boy, this Jhostin, child of the heart of our church, his head thrown back, his voice, not little, but BIG, loud... loud enough to rise above three singers with microphones, and two electric guitars; singing.

Te amo mas que mi vida, te amo mas que mi vida, que amo mas que mi vida.  MAS!
I love you more than my life.


CranesNest said...

So glad to hear about him again! I've been wondering about him but keep forgetting to ask. How is the leukemia?

Anonymous said...

God is so good! I remember you writing about him. I think u even have a picture of that sweet boy.To God be the glory!!You are an awesome writer too!