Monday, May 21, 2012


It's a picture fest!  Did you know that one of the most common questions I get asked is, "What does your house look like?"  
Well, there is a couple from Canada who is extra curious.  They will be moving to Loja to help teach at the Loja MK Academy and since our family is moving out for a year, and since they will be here for a year, we thought the timing would be perfect!
So Cook family, this is what your new place will be like!

 This is the living room.  Television won't be included since we borrowed it and will be returning it.  However, cable tv is included.  Hahaha. (and sorry)
 This is the dining room.  My favorite place to sit and pray.  It has a gorgeous city and mountain view.
 Esther's bedroom.  No one get overly concerned that her mattress is on the floor.  It is a new development as we let the neighbor's borrow her bedframe while we are gone.  This room has built in closets on the left wall.
 If there is ever a contest for ugliest bathroom in the universe, we will win!  That is Weston's pet snake you see peeking from the shower curtain.  (It's plastic) (and therefore better) (Plastic snakes neither bite nor poo) (which is more than we can say for the live cate)
 If you ever need plumbing help, don't call Dustan.  It is very functional, but OH SO UGLY!  THis was a conversion from an electric water system (called a widow maker) to a gas one.  Hot water (or even water at all) is never reliable in Loja, but this one works fairly well.
 No need to wash clothes by hand here.  We have a washing machine.  We do not however have a dryer.  We use the god old fashioned sunshine.  Which works very very well when it stops raining.
 The master bedroom.  Which barely fits the bed.  That's a queen size.  A rarity.  I admit, I miss my King.

 The kitchen.  No hot water.  We boil water for dishes, as do many families in our city.  Hot water is a luxery.  The drawers won't close.  After Dustan fixed the plumbing I wouldn't let him touch anything else.
 Nothing, NOTHING, beats our view on the roof.  It's beautiful!  Our neighbors have a rooftop garden planned and it should be started by the tim the Cook's arrive.  I am jealous!

 The landing outside the front door.  It's a second story apartment.
 Look at this view outside the dining room window!
 A small balcony with a cat clawed rug.  Hopefully the rug will get thrown out soon.

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Mr. C said...

Thanks for the photo shoot. We are very excited about living there. We think we have probably seen uglier bathrooms :>) I'm sure we will enjoy the view as much as you do.