Friday, May 4, 2012

"I am normally so patient with people who try to run me over."

There are some things you never think you will have to say and are always taken by surprise when you hear them come out of your mouth.

Get your fingers out of your grandmother's nose.
Get, back inside and put some pants on.
Honey, don't stand naked in front of the windows.
Child, please don't read your Bible after midnight. You should be sleeping. 
Sugar is a carbohydrate dope-head.

 But today might top it off. I was walking with Annie (who happens to be the sweetest girl who has ever walked the planet earth) and was telling her about an incident this morning where I YELLED AT A MOTORIST WHO NEARLY RAN ME OVER! (I have been told to never write in caps because it's hard to read, but as you all know, I do not follow instructions well). (I was also told to stop talking in parenthesis)

 I told Annie,
"I don't know what was wrong with me. I am normally so patient with people who try to run me over."

I have heard that about a month before home assignment you check out of your life a little bit and that stress checks in. That might be the case.

 So, beware Lojanos. If you try to run me over this month, it won't be pretty. I MIGHT YELL AT YOU. (and I also might try to hit your car with my raised fist) Normally I am ever so patient with you, but it seems my patience was left lying in the road somewhere near calles Gonzanam√° y Sucre.

 PS. Dear motorist. I am almost sorry I yelled at you. I hope I didn't ruin your day. Also. Stop signs mean STOP. Next time PAY ATTENTION!!!!!

 PS #2 Dear supporters, I am okay. Seriously, I will try really hard to represent you in a better manner next time I get almost run over.

Question:  What have you said that you never thought you would say.
Question #2:  How do you respond when someone tries to run you over with their car?

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Anonymous said...

"Don't talk with your mouth open!"
"Quit acting like a two-year-old!" (to my eighteen month old baby)
~Victoria Piercy