Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tickets are bought...

June 14th. I am bad at dates. REALLY bad. I can not even remember my kids' birthdays without being reminded. But I can remember this month and this day.

The next couple of months seem to be revolving around it.

It's weird, but I feel as if I already have one of my feet back in the states.

We are getting ready for new adventures while still not having finished this one.

I am dreaming of camping with my best gal friends, shopping with my sister, helping my cousin deliver a baby, and singing with my home church.

I am eating as many empanadas and tamales and batidos de moras as possible. I am hugging my compaƱeros (friends/co-workers) more than usual. I find myself with tear filled eyes while singing with our brothers and sisters at church.

One foot here, one foot there.

One heart beat here, and another over there.

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