Monday, April 2, 2012

Malas palabras

It has been a while since you guys have had good dose of lunacy in language. It isn't because it doesn't happen, it's just that there is only so many times you can laugh at me for telling the kids in my Sunday school class that they should ask forgiveness for their fishes (pescados) instead of their sins (pecados)

Although my kids seem to think it is hilarious. Every.single.week.

Well, this story involves a kid as well.

I have started helping to teach at Awanas and last week I was setting up my classroom when a very young girl (preschool age) came in. I love talking to little kids. They never care if I understand them.

"What is your name?" I asked her. She mumbled something that I did not understand. I NEVER understand when they tell me their names. I usually ask them to write it down for me but this little girl was too young to write.

Not important anyway. Kids that age don't really care if you understand them (a complete but believable fallacy). They just want you to respond.

So I responded with a very enthusiastic "MUY BIEN" (very good) in order to acknowledge her achievement in telling me her name.

She gave me a very strange look. Hindsight tells me that her look said, "You are the strangest, most idiotic woman I have spoken with today".

And then she left.

"Mom?" said Esther, who had been sitting beside me. "That little girl just told you the kids are all out there saying bad words."

And I had responded to her with a hearty "Very good!"

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Phyllis said...

This makes me think of a moment I had yesterday. I had taken my children out to pick mulberries. There were some older boys sitting up in the tree above us, going through their vocabulary of English swear words (from movie?) and trying to figure out how they should be translated. I was standing there debating if I should tell them to shut up, or announce that I am an English teacher and they're really messing up the translations. :-)