Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photo journal of 2011

1. We celebrated New Years Eve with a fire to burn the New Year (and our figure of the new year which we had made out of busted old wooden chairs.

2. Weston celebrated his birthday with friends from school.

3. We traveled to the equator and had a friendly tug of war game right at the middle of the earth.

4. We took a walk through Ecuador's incredible rainforest and had our faces painted.

5. Becka taught a class by lantern light in Portete

6. We celebrated Carnival with more water than Noah's flood.

7. Esther celebrated her birthday with her very first sleepover.

8. We had an El Sendero Jenga tournament. It was fierce! Dustan won!

9. Estelamarise and Becka continued to study God's word together.

10. We said goodbye to our co-workers, Doug and Kim.

11. Becka's cousin Michael came to visit for a few months to work at Sendero.

12. Former missionary to Loja, Colin Bacon, came back for a visit and hosted an Australian Bush dance for the English Club.

13. Dustan continued studying the Bible with Edgar and was joined by Becka's Dad.

14. The family spent a little time resting in Vilcabamba.

15. Marcus took Tennis lessons

16. El Sendero held a ping pong tournament.

17. Dustan's parents came to visit and learned about all our ministries.

18. Becka and esther continued to build a friendship with two girls who came to the house each weekend to play. Becka read to them from a Bible story book.

19. Dustan and Becka celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows on the roof of the Loja Ministry Center.

20. We moved into a new apartment and Dustan and his dad worked hard to get us a safe functioning hot water supply. It doesn't look great but it works wonderfully.

21. Becka and Janeen planned, wrote, and then taught the material for Vacation Bible School. We held a teacher's training and had three churches come for the VBS teacher's clinic.

22. Our Ecuador SIM missionary team held their annual Spiritual Life Conference.

23. VBS was wonderful. Our church had over 30 children most of whom were not already attending church. Becka now has many of those children in her Sunday School class.

24. Weston's cat, Lilly, gave us some excitement with a litter of kittens. Violeta, Tigre, and Nimrod were a fun distraction for a while and we were happy that they all found good homes.

25. El Sendero celebrated Christmas and Weston had the honor of drawing our Christmas board. he did a fantastic job!


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Love all of the pictures! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of life in Ecuador!

Anonymous said...

This Memaw enjoyed the recap of your year is like counting your blessings and praising God for all He accomplished through your family in 2011. In other words... those precious hours are not wasted:)Thanks for sharing!