Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is God Working in El Sendero? Part Two

"I don't see much ministry going on here."
"How can a business possibly function as a ministry?"
"Are you guys actually sharing the gospel here?"
"What is this place all about?"
"Is there more than eating going on at El Sendero?"

I was asked to share with our Loja missionary team about what kind of things God is doing through El Sendero. I thought maybe you would be interested, so I am going to spend the next few days sharing with you how God is using El Sendero and using it in a mighty, mighty way!

So, what is the second way that God is working in El Sendero?


Right now, there are five active Bible studies meeting in El Sendero. These are small Bible studies with as little as one student and as many as five students.

This Christian cafe provides a nuetral place for missionaries and nationals to meet and teach the Bible.

It provides a place for anyone interested in learning the Bible to meet and to study.

Some of the students are believers.

Some of them are not.

But, five times a week, they meet with Christians who either disciple them in their faith or who share the gospel of Jesus with them.

Every week. Discipleship and evangelism.

Five groups.

Does it make a difference?

Stelamarise is now a believer.

"What makes a person a Christian?" I asked her
"Believing in Jesus. Putting all your faith in Him." she replied.
"But, you go to mass" I said. "Doesn't that make you a Christian?"
And she answered: "No. Going to church does not make me a Christian. What makes me a Christian is that I believe Jesus died for my sins and that He and only He can save me."
"But what about your baptism?" I asked.
"I am saved because of my faith in Jesus Christ." she said.

And God moves. He changes lives. He saves life.

Not because of me, but using me.

Not because of a cafe, but using a cafe.

Yes. God is working in El Sendero.

And He's not done.

Please pray for Stelamarise, for Monica, Carmita, and others as God grows them in their walk with Him.

Pray especially for Ed*** that he will find answers to all his questions and give his life to the only answer. Jesus.

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