Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is God working in El Sendero? Part One

"I don't see much ministry going on here."
"How can a business possibly function as a ministry?"
"Are you guys actually sharing the gospel here?"
"What is this place all about?"
"Is there more than eating going on at El Sendero?"

I was asked to share with our Loja missionary team about what kind of things God is doing through El Sendero. I thought maybe you would be interested, so I am going to spend the next few days sharing with you how God is using El Sendero and using it in a mighty, mighty way!

So- first things first. Part of our vision statement says that our mission is to provide a safe place for young people to meet that is safe from drugs, alcohol and cigarette smoke. Those who are familiar to Loja know that not only is El Sendero the only place with this as an actual goal, it is also the only place meeting this need.

I can stand on the balcony that looks over the park and see students drinking in rounds. They pour in and out of the disco tecs. They sit on the stairs of the cathedral and laugh and joke, and drink, and smoke, and then they walk to the bar to continue doing the same thing.

Only, not every young person wants to spend their evenings this way. The Church has made an impact on their young people and some of them just want a place to hang out with their friends. Non-Christians, and Christians alike are looking for somewhere they can pass the time in a safe environment that is fun, cool, and designed for their interests.

El Sendero is that place!
iQue Chevre!

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