Friday, July 29, 2011

TIST (Things I saw today)

(picture: goat head and animal entrails.

We have recently begun taking the bus when we have less than our whole family. It's cheaper at .25 cents for adults and .12 cents for the kids. Marcus has been taking tennis lessons at Parque Jipiro and I take him and pick him up via bus.

Today was the most interesting day ever.

You are not even gonna believe the first thing I saw, so I am not even gonna bother telling you. Sorry.

The second thing I saw was a man beating the rollers from an office chair against a tree. I have no idea why. Surely he wasn't trying to cut down a tree with the roller legs of an office chair?

I saw a mother and son collecting and piling leaves to wrap tamales in.

I saw a man taking the paint off a brick wall. The brick walls are used for murals and it looks like this one is about to get changed out. Which is sad, because I laugh at that mural every time I see it. It is an old (1990's maybe) ad for a heath club. There is a painting of a woman in a swimsuit bent over a weight bench. Someone has graffitied puffs of air coming out her back side. Anyhow, It looks like my farting female weightlifter will soon be no more. The man was very carefully removing all the paint using the sharp end of an axe.

I saw two teenage girls get on the bus. the first one sat down but the second girl talked her into switching seats to the opposite side of the bus. Through giggles, the girl explained to her friend that "Jose works on this side. maybe we will see him". Adolescence: It's the same around the world.

So, that's it. It was such an interesting bus ride that I missed my normal stop. In fact, I missed my stop by quite a ways.

Okay, okay, I will tell you what I saw that you will never believe. Don't twist my arm so hard.

First you must understand that Ecuador is a public bathroom. No need to stop into the local McDonald's to use a toilet when the world is your toilet bowl.

I saw a very large "older" woman who was taking a squat in the park by the river. THIS is not uncommon. THIS is not the part that you won't believe.

So there she is squatting and doing her thing when up comes a wienie dog and stole her rag that she would need for toilet paper. He ran off with the rag and she ran off after him, all the while with her underwear around her ankles. She caught the dog, wiped herself, and THEN proceeded to beat the dog over the head with her "rag".

Yep. I bet you didn't see THAT today.

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