Friday, July 15, 2011

A T.I.S.T for Today

Here's a dose of T.hings I. T.oday:

Dustan and I were walking down Calle Bolivar when we saw 5 school aged boys (ages 6-9) running down the road and jumping onto the back of a pickup truck. Not inside the bed part, but hanging on for dear life to the bumper. The littlest boy was too slow and by the time he caught the truck there was no room left on the bumper, so he grabbed the hand of his buddy and just dragged a bit behind. At every stop light they jumped off and when the light turned green they ran after the truck for another go.

If you thought that was the weird part- you would be wrong. The funny part of this TIST is the 6 ft gringo who ran full pace down the street trying to get a camera phone picture of what he considered a crazy game of "catch-the-truck". However, I fully expect that the dinner conversations at many a home last night started like this:

"You will never believe what I saw... Some crazy extranjero..."

Unfortunately for all of you, the crazy gringo was not successful in his attempt at anything except looking a bit funny.

This TIST is brought to you in honor of Dustan, who risked his dignity to try to bring you a picture. Fortunately his wife can replace a picture with a thousand words.

Bonus TIST: I looked out the 4th floor window (school room) of the Loja Ministry Center to see an ambulance leaving the curb. There was a young child standing on the front seat. Ironic. (When I say young, I mean maybe 2 or 3)

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