Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday prayer requests:

Michael trying his first (and last) taste of Guata.

My cousin Michael was an awesome help the last couple of months at El Sendero. He made friends so quickly, and in Ecuador, friendship becomes ministry. Please pray that he has a wonderful trip back to the states. pray that his re-entry is as painful as possible so that he will come back even sooner! Just kidding! Please pray that he will readjust to the culture of the US in a way that will make him effective in sharing the gospel with youth in his own country.
Pray that his church will feel connected to our ministry here because of the testimony that he brings back to them.

Also, pray for Dustan's parents who arrived in Quito last night. They will be visiting for a month to see ours and Amanda's ministries as well as to do some ministry themselves.

PRAISE!!!! We found an apartment. Is it ideal? Of course it is, because it is exactly what God sent us to! At the same time, it will take some getting used to. It is much smaller, further away, has has far fewer conveniences than what we are used to. Pray we transition well. We are excited to see what ministries God sends our way in our new home.

Oh, pray for my finger. Cause I broke it. Anyone who knows me well is wondering how I went this long in Ecuador without breaking something. It's not bad but a bit uncomfortable. And it makes it really really hard to type.

Weston is sick. He is miserable without being in pain and is running a continuous fever. Please pray he gets well. We are traveling to Cuenca on Tuesday via bus.


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Kari said...

I didn't realized you moved to an apartment. Are you closer to el sendero now? Hope to see you around sometime! I enjoyed reading some of your blog today. Oh by the way, what course for tenis del campo is your son in? I have a son who really wants to try tennis out.