Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday prayer requests:

I have lost most of my prayer team due to changed email addresses so I have decided to start posting my weekly prayer requests here. We really need to have people praying for us so thank you in advance for your prayers.

Please pray for us as we continue to look for an apartment. Pray that God's timing and placement will be perfect.

Please pray that God would call His people to support us.

Please pray for Stelamarise as she continues to study God's word with me every Monday night. This Monday we will be studying what the Bible has to say about being a Christian.

Please pray for my friend Rocio. She has asked to meet an extra day each week with me so that we can study the Bible together. Please pray that I can rearrange my schedule so that I can meet this need. This is a beautiful Christian woman who is wanting to grow in her faith, but who is not allowed to attend church. Please pray that her husband would be softened to the gospel of Jesus.

Dustan and I have been asked to lead our church's VBS this summer. Because we have no VBS material, I am writing it from scratch. I have finished the writing process and must begin the translation process. Pray that God gives us everything we need to complete this task for His glory. Pray that he will send teachers, and that we will have energy. The month of July is going to be an exhausting one.

Becka's parents will arrive in Quito this Thursday to begin their preparations for teaching at the mission school. Please pray for safe travels for them. Also pray that their house will be rented. They are counting on the income to partially support them while they are here.

We are praising God that Dustan's parents will be visiting with us in July and August. We look forward to showing them our ministry as well as showing them our wonderful Loja! Please pray that they will have a safe trip here and that we will have a wonderful time of fellowship. Pam and Dwight have also agreed to teach our children during our mission team's annual Spiritual Life Conference. Pam will be teaching the children about prayer. Please pray for her as she prepares for this important task.

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