Friday, June 10, 2011

TIST (Things I saw today)

It's about time for another TIST, wouldn't you say?

I remember searching for the very best car seat when my babes were little creatures. I rejoiced in the safety laws requiring SIX year olds to remain in a car seat. I researched the best way to keep my kids safe, forcing them to remove their heavy coats in the midwest below zero weather and climbing on top of the car seat to buckle it in as tight as possible.

So imagine my surprise when I chilled so easily upon my arrival to Ecuador. My children have rarely even SEEN a seatbelt for the last 1 and a half years. I have drawn the line and disallowed them to ride in the back of a pickup truck despite their hollering and screaming and constant begging, but we do pile 6 people in a 4 person car, Esther sitting on one of our laps, and we understand, this is our new lives.

A life without seatbelts.

And I hear the collective gasp of every resident of my home country. Rightfully so. Seatbelts are important. IMPORTANT. VITAL EVEN.

Only, we don't have them here. We can not use what we do not have.

We do however use the safety precautions that are available. Who wouldn't? Right?

So. Hold on people. Because yesterday I saw....

A man driving a car with a child standing on his lap, half his torso inside the car, the other half hanging out the sun roof.

In the Driver's Lap.
Head hanging out a sun roof.

Dustan and I stared with our mouths open. We may or may not have eaten a few bugs.

"Well, that's one for your TIST" he said.

"I am not sure it beats the time I saw a woman breastfeeding a baby while holding a toddler... on a motorcycle" I replied.
"It does beat that time I saw a dog on the back of a motorcycle, front paws around the driver's shoulders" Said Dustan
"He was wearing a helmet" Dustan continued.
"Who? The driver?" I asked.
"No. The dog." answered Dustan.

Helmets for dogs, children riding in the front seat, standing on the driver's lap, hanging out the sunroof. Women breastfeeding babies while riding a motorcycle.

I bet you didn't see that today. Or maybe ever.

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