Sunday, May 15, 2011

My prayer this week:

This week when I looked at my soul in the mirror I saw ugliness and selfishness. It was a tad bit horrifying. I have begun to pray this very frightening prayer:

God, if the fear of losing my possessions keeps me from serving you with everything I have. If I am so afraid that my precious things will get lost, broken, or stolen, that it prevents me from reaching out to those you send my way...

Then please, take it all away. My computer, my money, my house, my food... my family (gasp)(heartbreak).


Let me tell you. I am not sure which is harder. The self-realization of selfishness or putting that selfishness directly into the hands of God.

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Terry and Patty said...

When we serve God as he wants us to serve Him we must be willing to let all go. Its one of the commands he has made to us in order for us to follow Him. Hate your mother and father which means Putting God first, take up the cross which means to die if needed for him,and give up everything. This is not what they taught me in Sunday School. Some hard stuff. I am struggling with this now.