Monday, March 7, 2011


This was our second Carnival in Ecuador, but I spent my first one in fear of having water balloons lobbed at me at break-neck speed. Not only that, but we had only been in the country for a few months and everything seemed terrifying.

This year we set-out to enjoy this once a year event.

Carnival is the pre-celebration of Lent. It is a time of fiestas and eating before a time of fasting and praying. In America, we call it Mardi Gras but Carnival in Ecuador is celebrated far differently than the Mardi Gras of the USA.

Here are some tidbits of our Carnival time here.

Thursday I narrowly missed having egg in my hair. Eggs are a popular thing to toss at people.

Thursday night I rounded a corner to see a group of 6 teenage boys holding water balloons. I quickly tried to turn the other direction to avoid them. Teenage boys enjoy chasing after girls. They lobbed their balloons at me but only managed to get my socks wet.

Later that night Gloria poured a glass of water down my back. Ten minutes later, it was a jug over my head. Making people wet is the main sport of Carnival.

Friday I stayed home. I wasn't in the mood to dodge water balloons or eggs. But the kids did enjoy a short school-day which included a school-wide water fight.

Saturday Dustan and I cautiously ventured out and noticed the sidewalks were literally littered with eggshells.

Sunday, First Baptist Church of Loja was one of the few churches that still had services. No one got wet.

Today is Monday, the main day of Carnival and the amount of water poured on people, thrown at cars, and squirted into taxi windows was nothing short of incredible. And fun. It was fun.

Today water balloons were set aside for water cannons and buckets. Plastic bags were turned into water bombs and thrown at the windows of passing vehicles. There were not very many dry people in the streets today.

Vivi and Luis hosted a Carnival BBQ and it had no shortage of water.

Through out this time of festive water play, it is important for us to remember that Jesus came to be THE Living Water. Please continue to pray for the people of Ecuador and our ministry here.

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