Friday, February 25, 2011

TIST (Things I saw today)

Today I saw:

A woman carrying a purse full of vegetables. That was me. I forgot my market bag. It's a good thing I have a big purse.

A cart selling a drink made of aloe. I haven't tried it. I'm not even tempted to because Colin Bacon told me it was like trying to swallow a tongue. The cart had quite a line of people waiting for their daily slimy tongue drink.

A corner full of soccer t-shirts. It's soccer season peeps. The biggest significance is that it will be several more months before I am able to sleep on the weekends. When this city cheers for their team, they do it with more noise than you would think possible. And my house is one block from the stadium.

A parking crisis. There is a small alcove on calle Bolivar where cars can park vertically. Three cars parked thus, and one car horizontally parked in front of them. When it was time for the other cars to leave they could not. Chaos ensued. I was entertained during my morning cup of coffee. Simert (parking police) came and put a boot on the tires which meant that when the driver was finally found, his car was locked up and he could not remedy the situation. Chaos accelerated. The whole of Parque San Sabastian was entertained.

PS, the picture is of cows on my street. It was taken several months ago and I acted like a lunatic by grabbing my camera. My neighbors were highly annoyed (at the cows- not me. They just thought I was a crazy gringo.)

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