Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being eaten by Piranhas.

Or, more accurately titled: Teaching Sunday School. But that title was too boring.

Step One: Read the story in Spanish. Underline any new vocabulary and look up in a dictionary or ask a friend who knows Spanish.

Step Two: Re-write the story in English. It will help with step number Three.

Step Three: Re-write the story again, but this time in an easy Spanish form. Use a few new vocabulary words, but not so many it becomes overwhelming.

Step Four: Cut out the different sections of the story to coordinate with the pictures.

Step Five: Cut out the pictures. Because they are not pre-cut. Make sure to take note of any sheep with six legs. (It has happened before) (Don't bother making any jokes about how sheep with six legs are insects. The children will just say you are imaginative. Which is not a compliment in Loja.)

Step Six: Tape the story sections on the back of the pictures with a list of vocabulary words, plus pronunciation for difficult words. Like Faraon. Which is Spanish for Pharaoh and is pronounced: Far- ah- own. I hope. At least, that is how I DID pronounce it. My kids usually are not sweet enough to overlook my errors. They take great delight in pointing them out.

Speaking of kids...

Here they are. I love them with all my heart. But to be honest... Sometimes they make my heart shrink.

They are... well... my mom calls it payback. I once made a teacher cry. And then she quit teaching. For life.
So... I guess I deserve some payback. I will have to remember that next time they jam thumbtacks into each other's hands and snort glitter up their nose.

Oh, and next time they play the "This Teacher is so Dumb Let's Pretend to be Like Her" game, which goes like this.

Me: How did God lead the Isrealites out of Epypt?
Them: JESUS!
Me: No. He used something from nature. What was it?
Me: Nope. Not Jesus. It was in the sky.
Them: I know. I know! GOD!!!!


Anonymous said...

I needed the laugh and yes you deserve it.

Jerusalem said...

oh you make me laugh.