Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TIST (Things I saw today)

El Sendero is located right on one of Loja's most popular plazas and because of that, when the cafe is not busy, I have ample opportunities for people watching.
This picture is of the beginnings of a student protest that would last a couple of months. There are a couple of people hand screening banners and posters for the rally, another person would lay them out to dry, and the entire thing drew quite a crowd. This particular protest was over a new law governing entrance exams into the university.

To the right of the protest is San Sabastion Cathedral. At the very same time as the protest, there was a funeral going on. The crowd on the steps are from the funeral. The man who died was a body builder and trainer at the local gym. He was young and strong and I saw many of my friends attending the funeral.

The steps of the cathedral were filled with mourners who paid no heed to the protesters on the left.

The funeral procession walks several miles to the cemetery. I have witnessed this custom many times, and have to admit that it is one I love. I think the solidarity of walking together must provide comfort, and the simple action of having something to do- an action to take, helps to bring everyone some peace during a difficult time.

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