Sunday, November 28, 2010

Un dia en la casa...

Today we have a forced day in our house. The whole of Ecuador must stay in their homes with the threat of arrest (or in our case deportation).

The hospitals are closed (except the ICU ward).

Every store is closed and barred.

Telephone calls and emails are being sent with warnings.

Churches are closed. Cathedrals are closed. Every bar in the country is closed.

Police are patrolling the streets.

What's going on?

Civil unrest?


Violent protests?

Deadly virus?


Well. Actually. It's just a census. Just a counting of Ecuador's people.

But, let's just say it works a bit differently here from back home in the USA.

We must stay in our homes or be arrested.
Even though our census was done and over at 10:00 this morning, we can't leave our house until tomorrow morning.

It was an interesting experience, taking a questionnaire in a language we still don't have a strong handle on.

Girl: Who owns your house?
Me: No. I don't work here. My support comes from the United States.
Girl: (Blank stare)

But. It is done. There is no telling what we actually said about ourselves or our children. But- the girl is gone, she is talking to the neighbors now, and we will spend the rest of the day playing games and watching movies.

A forced day inside is not as bad as it sounds. We stocked up on chocolate, soda, and chips. We have a folder of movies and a closet full of games.

The worst part is over, and what is left is fun and rest.

Happy Census Day Ecuador!!!


Tara said...

Forced day at home with everyone healthy sounds like a fun relaxing day. Enjoy!

Bill and Tracy Coupe said...

Thanks for the blog post. Yep, we had a great day all in all. It was pretty simple!