Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's important to listen to your interpreter.

A couple of weeks ago I had what I thought was a kidney infection and so I took myself to the doctor. I took Viviana with me in case I needed a translator.

I THOUGHT the following conversation took place:

Doctor: You have an intestinal infection, but I would like to give you shots for your back pain. Do you know what a shot is?

Me: Yes. I know.

So, when we get to the pharmacy Vivi explains to me that one of the items is the shot I am to give myself.


Me: I can't give myself a shot!!!!!!
Vivi: Why did you tell the doctor that you could?
Me: What??????? I told the doctor I KNEW WHAT A SHOT WAS!!!! (I was very concerned for myself)
Vivi: No. The doctor asked if you knew how to give yourself a shot and you told her that yes, you did know.

And then Vivi proceeded to lecture me about how I need to tell her when I don't understand. And I proceeded to explain to her that I THOUGHT I did understand.

It was humorous and frustrating. I decided that my back did not hurt near badly enough to give myself shots!

Last night I was thinking through that event when God reminded me that we often have similar situations when reading our Bible.

We take an interpreter with us. (The Holy Spirit)
We read.
We think we understand.
We forget to ask our interpreter for help.
And we leave with a misunderstanding that will effect our growth and healing.

How in the world would I have thought, in a million years, that a doctor would ask me to give MYSELF a shot in the back???? That would never have happened in the US. Nothing in my experience prepared me for that question, and so, I interpreted it based on what my own experiences had been.

I was wrong.

It makes me wonder, what passages of Scripture have I read, understood based on my past experiences, and then went on with my life, applying misunderstood Words of the Great Physician, and sometimes even passing those misunderstandings on to others.

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Kimmie said...

Wow, that is good. I hope many read this and have the Holy Spirit speak to their hearts in regards to this *revelation*....and me too Lord, open my eyes so I can see!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted